Caretaker's Book of Origins

Ancient Age

In the beginning the Dragons reigned supreme across the lands of Tera'nor, free and open they soared the skies, keeping an ever watchful eye on the world below. They were extremely powerful in the art of magic and knowledge and held nearly godly abilities according to many cultures. In time the Anji were born, west of the forest lands of Neianor, in the Gardens of Arico.

For centuries the dragons watched over them until their awakening age at which time the dragons began to teach them of the universe. The Anji grew and matured under the dragons teachings and became strong and wise, but some of them were jealous of the dragons power and wanted it for them selves and so they rose against their own kind in a war that span time.

Through the centuries the rebellious Anji changed form and began to take on a very dark complexion, their eyes are pitch black as night itself. They cast waves of death, through massive wars, against their brethren and the dragon-kin, nearly eliminating both species from the face of the earth. These Dark Angels were soon known as the Sage and through their brute strength and demonic magic they soon gained partial control of the entire World.

Through the ages they developed techniques to remove the dragons power and harbor it in their own minds. This resulting in a endangering of the Dragon Species. Few dragons remained but they were very strong and they decided to do what they knew was needed for the world to survive. they took capture sage and changed them to become the very thing they hated "good" and maid them into the Fae , but their magic wasn't pure. It had mischief and so the Fae were born as the magically pranksters and fun nature loving and protecting creatures who insure the worlds safety.

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