Pixies are small creatures, who, though share similarities with fairies, are a completely genetically different race. Their full height is averaged to be about 2-8 cm. The pixies live in Ferianto, a small tropical island east to the island of the faeries. Ferianto, hots a number of different types of fruits and vegetables and no animals, making the island the perfect dwelling for a pixie, who's small height leaves them completely defenseless. The pixies have wings, but unlike the butterfly type wings of faeries, the pixies have moth wings. What also differentiates pixies from faeries, are their language and customs. What also differentiates pixies from faeries are their long life spans, Their avearage being 1,500 years. Nevertheless, pixies consider faerie-folk, tree-folk, and Mer-folk, as family and are very hospitable to these species.


Pixie history claim that they came from another continent, until a calamity wiped out their homelands, thus forcing them to move. A very peaceful race, the pixies has no known weapon, or has no magical ability. However, it is said, that their ancestors were extremely advanced in technology, making creatures out of rock, or a ship that flies to the sky. The only relic of this technology left, is a big wide arch in the heart of Ferianto, which they claimed, they passed through it to live here. The pixies nation is called "Er Rianto Nitgaea Desuvon" composing of the island Ferianot, and small coral isles. Their capital is Besarest, a port city in Ferianto.

Religion and Belief

Pixies believe in various types of spirits. These spirits, do not aid the living, but watch over them. They keep the land fertile, and the waters sweet. There are only two ceremonies or festivals held by Pixies. One is "Devinto", a festival honoring the spirits and is held in early Summer. The other is "Gae'r Urka" honoring the land they once had and lost and their journey to reach Ferianto. It is held in the rainy season.

Rulers and Lords

30 tya = Pixies arrive in Ferianto (How they arrived is widely disputed)

25 tya = -Ecmaserama orders immigration and exploration. Nearby coral islands become part of Ferianto. Faeries and other races are introduced to the pixies by emmisaries

19 tya = -Ayanlorelaw declares Ferianto a nation, becomes the first "Seri". "Er Rianto Nitgaea Desuvon" is created.
8 tya = +Gimakarimianteala drives economic growth, Pixies become one of the most wealthiest races. Technology is experimented.

Weapons and Structures

Pixies have no weapons, seeing as there is no need since predators are not present. Pixies, carve their homes in trees, or mushrooms, and in nearby caves. Pixies art, is hard to explain since no category can be given yet, however it is a cross between abstract and dadaist style. Pixies are wealthy only due to the many unique and valuable vegetation. "Erisko plant" is an example. When the full moon shines, the plant spews out glowing lights that reach the sky, making them a favorite with other species. Erisko cannot be grown anywhere else due to its specific needs and type of soil.

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