The Angels are a very wide and diverse race with atleast four main variations, of different skin tones, physical stature and mentalities. They started in the very ancient age during the time of the dragons an era beyond the records of time. Because of this the very origins of the angel species is roughly unknown however many of the remaining Angels and Dragons have told stories and tales of such a time and many of the information still exists, but the exact dates and times of these are very jumbled and confused. Most creatures on this planet known very little of such times and the true age of the Dragon and Angel races.

In the majority of cases the Angels are very peaceful and caring creatures excluding the exception of the Dark Angels. As with what some call the Angelwings they are caring and kind creatures but can be violent in the name of protection, which is unseen in the first subrace of Angels, whom are known by many as the Holy Ones and also take the form of Gods in many human and elven religions.

The Days of the Angels are very expansive and lived through many wars that most cultures are to young to have seen. Most notably is the Great Angel Wars when the former Holy One, Balor, rose up against his nation and betrayed them by trying to kill the Immortal Dragonking, Al'dran. This act is what gave rise to those known as the Dark Angels.


Starting in the Gardens of Origins as many before them have, the Angels were peaceful and caring creatures and knew very little about the world around them until Al'dran and his nation of Immortal Dragons came and began teaching them of magic and wisdom. By nature the Angels were very adept to these teachings and took them in very well. The leader of this group of Angels was Ithan whom founded the nation of Urthani, which is now the home of the Ancient Elves.

The dragons denied the angels the ability to learn the arts of darkness and instead strickly taught them only peace and freedom. They knew that the Angels would always be limited in knowledge because of this lack of darkness but they did not want to see the world in chaos again thus they refrained from teaching it to them.

Through the ages a young Angel by the name of Balor became very curious of the darkness of life and begged Al'dran to teach him the ways when Al'dran refused Balor attempted to slay him. Instead the dragon overpowered him and regrettably took his life, sending Balor's tormented and powerful spirit into the Halls of Infinity.

While there he caused the war of the Ancient Realm which caused a shockwave through the galaxy and countless supernova's in the sky nearly destroying the whole universe. Until the group of Ancients, enlightened souls of the Infinity Halls, banished him into a new realm of there creation, The Halls of Eternal Pain, which humans later called hell.

The days of the coming centuries were very peaceful and the Dragons and Angels were the only to exist, the Angels having immortal lives just as the Dragons and each nurturing nature around them. Until one day Balor, deep in the halls of darkness, broke free and returned to this world in an infant Angel-child. Whom was named Balor, chaos in the angel tongue, and began twisted his kin's mind into darkness once he was old enough to teach. Many soon followed him into a new nation in the far eastern deserts and began the construction of Baldred'orelac(Tower of Darkness) aswell as a nation of newly evil Angels whom soon became known as the Dark Angels.

After a millenium of hiding his army rose up against the Angels of the west, slaying a countless number. Due to the Dragon's peaceful influence on them they would not fight back and were all nearly slain until the Dragon's took the Angel's, on there backs, far into the western continent where the peoples of this world know nothing about. From there the History of the Holy Ones are removed from all records other then those of the Dragon's whom keep the knowledge secret. What is known is the Holy Ones continued to live there lives in freedom and without death.

The days of the Chaos returned to the Middle Lands and in secret a new species formed far into the forest lands of the south, beyond the sight of the Dark Angels, they were later known as AngelWings, or the Antari. They soon traveled throughout the world and encountered the Dark Angel's which caused the Great Angel Wars.

At this time a leader of the Angels of the South was known by records as Hegral, the Brave-one, starting the nation of Engarin in the plain lands of Otharinale(now known as Nothar), of which he massed and Army of commoners to combat the Dark Angel forces. This war lasted for well over 5,000 years and caused the deaths of countless warriors on both sides.

After 5,000 years of war, the still living Hegral fought Balor in a struggle that lasted nearly a year of constant combat and ended once Hegral embraced the Angel's body with powerful light energy which forced his soul to travel elsewhere, at which time the Ancients of Infinity banished him once more to the Halls of Pain.

Philosophy and Beliefs

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Agriculture and Advancements

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