Merfolk are a civilized race that lives in the deep waters of the Scamerico Ocean. They have great pride in their past and culture, and are very patriotic. They were once a poor race, but due to expansion and control over key sea islands, Merfolk have grown fairly wealthy over the years. Though many live in the ocean, some can survive in the brackish waters in the mainland, however these mermaids have different abilities than oceanic mermfolk. Merfolk all share common characteristics, a fin, gills on the sides of their necks, and fins on the spine. However the color and the shape varies from merfolk to merfolk. Contrary to popular belief, Merfolk are not excellent swimmer, them being have necks and hair inable them to swim effectively as these two factors create drag.


Merfolk are creatures that never evolved with legs, they had no desire to be on land. Thus their evolution has stopped to there. Due to their ability to walk on land, and their sensitivity to water temperature and properties limits them from going to other oceans, thus they had to make do with the territory they have control over. However, they soon became more adaptable to water changes, and soon began to claim many parts of ocean and seas for themselves.

Because of the control they have over many parts of the ocean, these sprouted many small watery nations claimed by the merfolk. The largest being the Daeryoro Theocracy, A nation the strecthes 70% of the Scarmerico ocean. the samllest is the Entorio Socialist Republic.

Philosophy and Beliefs

Many Mermaids believe in one divine being called "Deserium". Deseirum does not interfere with a living being's daily activities and life, but rather has created them to give them a chance to sample the beauty of Deserium's creation. Because of this, Mermaids believe that by doing good acts toward one another races, they have satisfied Deserium's wish for the living being's to appreciate his work.

Generally, Mermaids love to dress, seeing cloth and other fabric as gifts from Deserium to enjoy themselves, when a living being's life ends, Deserium simply return that being to his "dreamland". Another realm which Deserium has created, for a living being to enjoy. It is said that Deserium has thousands of realms for a living being to enjoy, thus he/she can enjoy their life each time.


Merfolk speak by emitting high pitched sound waves, these waves are impossible for normal races to understand, and only those who dwell in the waters can interpret them. Water faeries and Undines, are an example; Water creatures who can also speak the land being's language are highly valued as they provide assistance as translators between Merfolk and Land Creatures.

Agriculture and Advancements

Merfolk like to create devices that allow them to better their watery life. A big example is the "Akerdos", a device that can convert the gills of the Merfolk from using water to allowing them to use oxygen, therefore, giving them the ability to be on land for a period of time. A reverse product is currently being experimented.


Merfolk have great pride in their race and how far they have come. They have a tendency to behave like brutes, but mostly are very hospitable and civilized creatures. They believe on what is write and emphasize with any other nation suffering from Economic plight.

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