Undines are water based creatures made by Water Faeries to protect them. They are fluidly transparent and have no organs whatsoever. They are made to resemble humans in shape and form, and serve as excellent translators. Undines, do not die, unless dragged to the land where they evaporate slowly. Undines used to have no will, and had no need for reproduction until some faeries decided to give them those. Now, many Undines could exist without being created by water faeries, however they still find it their duties to find aid a water faerie who is in need.


Long ago, when water faeries first arrived in the deep waters, they encountered numerous predators. Hiding never worked and the situation became more and more desperate and a decision was made to create guardians. that's how Undines came to be. These creatures can only survive in water and can swim at fast speeds. Their age is limitless , the oldest one being thousands of years old. Now, that they are liberated, they have no nation but rather live out in groups. Selling services such as translators, and bodyguards.

Philosophy and Beliefs



Undines speak the same language as Water Faeries and can understand aquatic creature language.

Agricultures and Advancements

Undines have no need to eat, and no need for technology. however they have made a form of ink that can be written underwater.


Undines have no culture whatsoever, being a nomadic group, they have no special architecture.

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