Were Rabbits

Basic Physiology

The Were Rabbits are anthropomorphic creatures, seeming to be a mix between humans and rabbits, sharing qualities of mind and body.

Their bodies seem to share the upright spine of a human, along with a mixed thigh between the two, and the legs are able to adapt between down on all four, as well as upright. Because of this, they are often somewhat tall for their structure. Their arms and hands are sturdily made, made to run on all fours, and to act like a human's. Both hands and feet have the padding and claws native to rabbits, non-retractable. Their faces have a soft muzzle feature, not completely alien looking and not looking totally like a rabbit, but a mix. They also have the fluffy tail native to bunnies, as well as the ears, which may be droopy or perky, depending on the bloodline that they are, or who turns them to a Were Rabbit. Depending on species, most have fur all over their body, usually well groomed. They are known to have expecially fleet feet and the ability to jump very high, thus making them excelent theives as well. But at the same time, their frame makes them weak to most attacks, fragile and weak, they are not known to be very good guards.

Because of them being based on magic, they have a high affinity to natural/druid magics, thus being a druid were rabbit is not uncommon. Most of the rabbits are known to have a magic subclass or to start with, though they may grow into different types. The were rabbits, unlike many of the were species, are unable to turn back to humans at any time unless they have a polymorph spell or they undo the ritual (naturally born wererabbits cannot undo the ritual).

As with most rabbits, they are herbivores, instead of omnivores. Depending on species, their fur can go from fluffy and cottony, to thick and stiff. They often have great eyesight at night as well.

Common Mindset

Were Rabbits are skittish creatures, often avoiding fights and intimidating easily, thus coming from the rabbit side of them. Many of them are also quiet, yet expressive creatures in their own way. They often can become great artists or bards, or create their own spells, when experienced enough. Many of them are also social when comfortable, such as one may get used to a tavern and become the life of the party, or so forth. Oddly to those unknowing, but very obvious to who have met them before, would note that the Were rabbits are actually very romantic, so to speak. They often are actually very.. Fertile creatures. This being said, they are trustworthy shop keepers, as they are clean peoples, often well kept and organized. They tend to favor the company of humans, as humans can be respectful and aggressive, plus they give better and easier work away to the rabbits.


Were rabbits are not known to be warriors and thus and therefore choose the most wise and enlightened member of their community to lead them, often being a magic user of sorts, which means they are often semi democratic. The leader is acknowledged as the Supreme Magi, who will select his Council of the Wise. The Council of the Wise are in charge of keeping order and splitting duty, such as the Wise Councilman of the Farm will often keep track of crops, and the Wise Councilman of the Guard will keep track of the fighting men. In larger communities, they may have guards/police, but not often. They are also not likely to start their own towns of Pure were rabbits, perhaps have a section dedicated, but they are more likely to set out areas for other species, as the fact that they are skittish comes in, they would prefer to be protected from invaders.

Notes for characters

A magic weilding Were Rabbit is likely to be in the back, and most commonly are NOT battle mages. Necromancy is often looked down upon in their society, and Druids are most often praised. They often do not learn many spells outside of druidity, so a wizard Were Rabbit usually only has a few spells, where as a Mage is more likely to be than a wizard.

A warrior Were Rabbit is not likely to be a strong fighter, but a fast fighter. The idea of a Berserker Were Rabbit is silly and would not happen, but a lancemen would most likely. The heavest of armour one would put on would be plated shoulder pads and torso, beyond that usually scale or chain mail, though most would stick with something light, like studded leather. The fighter would most likely keep a short weapon, or perhaps a lance or javelin, as because it complements their speed and agility, and not often an axe because it would weigh them down, though a few have done so. Rapierman Were rabbits are a possibility.

Thief/rouge Were Rabbit are also an possibility, as they have sleek bodies, though bandits and other brute force types are often not likely.

Bard Were rabbits are a great choice, as were rabbits are known to have great charisma, and often are creative, but would most likely stick to wood or stone instruments.

The possibility of having a were rabbit as a leader is real, but is not likely, as they are shy and likely to follow, but they would often not be brash leaders, they would often be cool headed and would process what they do, instead of follow their heart.

A follower Were Rabbit would be a loyal, quiet follower unless their morals are totally stepped across, in which they are totally capable to rebel and leave the group. They would often be the peace keeper or morale booster of the team.

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