Arch Demon

"The Arch Demon is one of great power, but very rare species of Demon. A Combine power of the God's with the Demon blood."

+++ History

The History if the Arch Demon goes way back to before time, the Arch Demon is a combine birth of a Demon between a God or Goddess. Thus, they are rare since now most Arch Demon's are hunted down to the death.

+++ Philosophy and Beliefs

The Beliefs and Philosophy of the Arch Demon could be from their parents races. If the Mother is a Goddess, then that Arch Demon would follow her ways. And so forth with the others. But other then that, they mostly live each day like it's their last, since they are hunted down. They don't care much about others but their own, but when they meet their mate, then they will become very protective.

+++ Rulers

The Arch Demon's are free thinkers, and has no ruling body. They don't follow other rules at all.

+++ Cultures

Most Arch Demon's have Power Names, meaning that their last or First name could be of a Elemental meaning or a way of saying what power they hold. But the side part on this is that only ones of Royatly, or good blood gets power names. If one had a last name of 'Aquarius' then that A. Demon has the ability over liquids or water substances. The weakness of one like this would be Fire, since this A. Demon controls over Water. Another part, is that most A. Demon's stay in contact when they get lonely from time to time. Other then that, they don't do well with Humans, and always stay with some other Race.

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