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Dramians are a race of intelligent shapeshifting creatures that resemble dragons and other large reptilian lifeforms. Capable of achieving any shape as long as they can picture it and being able to think quickly on their feet, Dramians are often used as mercenaries and intelligence gathering by many races.


The Dramian and Hammurian races have existed on the planet, Dramia, as long as anyone can remember and up until a few centuries ago the two races have always existed harmoniously side by side, until a dark unknown force and turned them against each other. Such was the terrible fighting that the planet inploded, killing thousands from both sides. Those that survived fled the planet and roam the stars looking for a new world to call their own.

Philosophy and Beliefs

Not much is known about the religious beliefs of either Dramians or Hammurians in general, except that Dramians live by a strict code of honour.

Agriculture and Advancements

Dramian's have developed the technology that mimics thier own natural camoflague (sp?) capabilities and such technology is being more widely used both by enforcement agencies and criminals alike. Demand is high for such sophisticated technology and Dramians that are highly knowledgable or skilled in that area are highly sought after.

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