Half Dragon, two words that can inspire fear and hatred in the hearts of people, or perhaps acceptance. For Half Dragons, life isn't always easy. The magical nature of dragons, allows them to breed with most other races, thus creating half dragons.

Depending on where they are born and live, they are either hated, and killed for being the abominations that they are, or on the rare chance. Accepted. If they are accepted, this doesn't necessarily mean they are loved, and welcomed with open arms. Many human communities will either kill them, or use them for their own ends, twisting the half breed's mind to their will from a young age. Though the rare human community does exist where such a thing is able to prosper.

Elven half dragons, are probably the worse off. Because of their magical nature, elven communities often pressure the half dragons into wizardry or sorcery, against their wishes. Some of these prosper, however many do not, often going into a deep depression.

Dwarves and Gnomes are rarely the subject of creating half breeds, as they often dislike dragons, afterall they live in the same environments, mountains. But in any case, half dragons are often rare.

In appearance, Half Dragons can be very draconic in appearance, where little of their humanoid half exists, to where very little dragon shows on them. The latter is often more accepted into communities, being able to hide their identities.


Half Dragons don't really have a history all to themselves, often looking to the history of their nation or place of birth for reference, rather than themselves.

Philosophy and Beliefs

Half Dragons differ in philosophies and beliefs as said above, by the place of their birth, they have no centralized government or clan to call home. Though many have the belief they should learn the language of their dragon ancestors should they ever encounter one.


Half Dragons often learn the language of their birthplace, but most often take the time to learn the language of Dragons. The language isn't always just a luxury, it could come to be useful later on in their lives should they ever encounter one.

Famous People

There are no famous Half Dragons as of yet.

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