Subrace of: Vampires
Differences from normal Vampires:
Wings: The Krusnik have significantly larger wings than normal vampires and even can have up to six at a time
Superhuman strength and durability: They will sometimes have immense strength, being able to lift at least 1 and a half tons, they are also very durable, being able to take massive amounts of damage before going down, but by no means does it make them immortal.
Psychokinetic powers: Almost all Krusniks have psychokinetic powers, for example: being able to send out psychokinetic waves to pulverize objects or enemies, or use it to form barriers and even form powerful bio-electrical fields or reduce objects to dust with sound waves.
Longer Life Spans: Krusniks live considerably longer than normal vampires and A LOT longer than humans, being able to live up to at least a milennia and still be in their physical and mental prime
Blood transmutation: Krusniks can transmute their blood into weapons, for example, some can transmute their own blood or recently collected blood from a victim into a scythe made from crystallized blood
Transormation appearances: Physical transformations differ among Krusniks but often their skin tone changes, they will grow fangs, their fingernails turn to claws, their eyes turn red (the shade of red depends on the power % they are example: 50% 20% etc.), their lips will turn a shade of blue or even black, sometimes their voice will deepen or sound different, and they will grow wings, however they can retract and grow at their will.
Feeding Habits: Unlike most vampires, they feed on the blood of normal vampires instead of humans
Weaknesses: However, Krusniks are still weak to silver and can only achieve forms 80% and higher after recently feeding on a vampire


Krusniks were originally just a test by infusing the Krusnik nanomachines in a subject's body but eventually they developed into an entire race through selective breeding, however they were very few in number compared to their ordinary brethren so the power they had did not change their standing in the world. They were usually nomadic and either worked to themselves almost completely or worked odd jobs. Most didn't even discover their powers until their teenage years, often being thought of as normal vampires until the powers manifested themselves. Often many of them were exiled by their own families and they began forming a sort of Nomadic nation of clan-based people who actually tended to live ordinary lives, however there was several of them who were nomads and wandered the lands endlessly and often in search of work or money.

Philosophy and Beliefs



They have no definate ruler as they are a nomadic race, but an important figure in their society is Nicholas Black who was one of the first Krusniks to learn of his powers


They are a very nomadic people and have no real leaders other than one of the first known Krusniks Nicholas Black

Famous People

Nicholas Black - One of the first known Krusniks and is a leader to them of some sort

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