UnqueHîni "Hollow Children"

Subrace of: Wights
Distinguishing Features:
Immortality: UnqueHîni are created when a former living being uses black magic to become immortal, often rotting and turning to skeletons as a price
No or little flesh left on their skeletal frames: Due to a UnqueHîni's immortality, they often rot down to only their skeleton and are forced to live their lives as literally walking skeletons
Undead: UnqueHîni are very much undead like almost all other Wights
High intelligence: Almost half of the time, a UnqueHîni will be a highly intelligent individual and rarely they can possess a genius level intellect
Sorcery: Due to the black magic that animates their corpses, they often have a talent for all sorts of evil sorcery and twisted magics.


UnqueHîni are ordinary people who either themselves used black magic to make themselves immortal, or used the services of necromancers and evil sorcerers to turn their bodies into walking corpses that would live on and be aimated even after their 'death' and begin to rot and turn to skeletal figures. Many of them became evil sorcerers and worked in league with the other wights, the zombies, sometimes orcs and rarely demons. (short, I know)

Philosophy and Beliefs

UnqueHîni have a highly cult-like society, but will sometimes show up as a nation in a national poltical meeting, but are a generaly isolated people with a caste-like system in place as follows:

Sorcerer caste: The highest and governing caste of the UnqueHîni society, they are trained from day one in their society to be a sorcerer and go through extensive training to do so and also have the highest intellect of the castes. These are also the rarest of the caste and are held in the highest authority and they are almost always animated corpses of former sorcerers, necromancers, and wizards.

Political caste: This is the group of the most deceitful, backstabbing, and outright cowardly UnqueHînis, but they all have the third highest intellects in the UnqueHîni society. They are all handpicked from the living by looking for strong and skilled politions, kidnapped, and turned into ambassadors and represantatives for the UnqueHîni society.

Intendant caste: This group runs every aspect of the UnqueHîni's economics and trade with other groups and their trnasformation is very similar to the political caste except that the search also has businessmen and even illegal dealers, brothel runners, and such.

Warriors caste: This is where most of the bulk of the UnqueHîni army is, armed with weapons from all races and cultures as UnqueHînis are not restricted to just humans and they are chosen from soldiers from every race that can be possibly used for a good warrior, such as human mercenaries, elven archers, orc brutes and such.

Worker caste: Specially bred to be a little big larger and more muscular but with highly diminished wills, turning them into slaves who often do physical work with their large bodies, however there are reports of a few escaping and going rogue, only to be hunted down later and killed by the warrior caste. This caste is chosen from criminals to peasents and their transformation is rather painful as their bodies are slowly and painfully made larger to the point where they are enormous giants.



No rulers yet (I am not going to lead this faction, if anyone want to do it, I will gladly allow them to put a UnqueHîni character here 8D)


" This is where you can put the main cultures nad even the smaller cultures within the subrace, all subraces eventually seperate in some form or another, some remaining loyal to the core kingdom while others create there own kingdoms and faiths and understandings. As for the creator of the cultures job you don't have to do many of these if any. However if you want to make a culture you only need to make one, but as for a subculture you can make as many as you want."

Famous People

Raul Soloman Teranuz - Only person to ever escape from the UnqueHîni worker caste alive and became a UnqueHîni public enemy of sorts

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