Cronoshians are a subrace of Dragons that dwell below the surface of the earth, often called "underdragons" by the few people who ever actualy see one. like most creatures that live underground, Cronoshians have eyes more adapted to darkness other than light, so they tend to stumble around and cause allot of colatoral damage when they rarley do surface. instead of ears they have four large antannei that stick from the top of their heads, they also have very fine ones growing like whiskers from the tip of their noses. their scales are incredibly hard, a stalagmite could fall on their backs and they wouldent feel much. their scale are grey, not needing much color while living underground. they can grow up 10 stories tall, though this is when they are standing upright, most of the time they lie low to the ground much like that of a salamander. Cronoshains also can live incredibly long lives, living over 5,000 years max. they feed on whatever sub-terranial substinance they can find, moss, insects, things like that, though they often tend to loose teeth since they often end up chewing on rocks when they eat, they replace lost teeth by fitting the missing slot with a gemstone, any type they can find in their caves. they have an extreme tolerence for heat, so they often use volcanoes as their doorway between the surface and the underground. their tails are tipped with a large cluster of spikes, strong enough to break even diamonds to dust.


there is not much to tell about the Cronoshians, they started as a clan of pri-mordial dragons that crawled there way into a deep cave, after that evolution basicaly took over. they have lived peacefuly underground for millions of years, rarley leaving the sanctity of they caves only to see how the world changes every thousand years or so. and it is worth noting that, while the Cronoshians have no written history of their own, they have history of everyone else on the surface, this is due to their long lives and curiosity with surface dwellers. they keep these histories in an underground safehaven called the "well of history" but its location is only known by select few individuals of the species.


Cronoshians are on the whole, a peiceful race, living in close nit clans and colonies. they have a large curiosity of all things on the surface world and will stay up there for months at a time, one was recorded for staying on the surface exactly two years. though for the most part they are peaiceful, they will become angered if their way of life is ever threatened.


the Cronoshians have no language of their own, they often lech off of other civilizations for a form of spoken communication, because of this, an average Cronoshians vocabulary can consist of 50 different languages. they learn of other races languages by magical consumption of anything containing that language, this can include books, scrolls, even a native speaker of that language.


though the Cronoshians live in close nit villages, clans and colonies, they all answer to one high athaurity figure in their species, the grand cave dragon, he is basicaly the equivilant to the king of their species, a symbol of this status is the fact that all of his teeth have been plucked, and replaced with gem teeth, a show of top ranking status. most upper class cronoshians have replacement teeth that are eather gem or metal, while most common folk have just rocks for replacements. the king has a council that consists of one male from each collony, village or city. every hundred years or so, these representetives make the treck from their homes to the capital city where the king lives to report on their area's progress and status. choosing of the representetive is done via an election.

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