"Add a quick overview of your culture including the race and subrace both in translation and in the word you give it "aka your cultures translation of the cultures subrace). Also describe parts of it's history in a very quick summary.


"Expand on the history as much as you want, in most cases you may desire to create the majority of the history within after roleplaying which is more then fine."

Religion or Belief

Rulers and Lords

"This can be a expansive paragraph forms of your rulers and their families or important affairs they have or do attend too. Or you can simply make timelines of just names. Which you can add the times they lived and the times they died if you wish to. You may also put a simple such as + or * to signify an murdered character or one who has died prematurely."


"This is the section for the ranks of your culture (only 4 can be used in the chatroom per culture). You can have as many as you want ranging from royal to common classes, this can also include any other side classes such as military rank or growing rank of individual classes (including ones such as wizards or clerics but not limited only to those).


This may or may not apply to you, if you do not wish to create a language then simply delete this section. You may also just want ot make a slight description of the language and perhaps eventually maybe a member of your culture will make the language structure and dictionary.

Notable Members

"This is the place for the notable members of your culture, which will no doubt grow during roleplaying as with all other pages they can be constantly updated to your own will."

Weapons and Structures

"This part is optional. However if you do wish to do this part, you may or may not want to research weapons and structures of ancient or fictional cultures. And again this can be short or long according to your own wishes.

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