"Short Description of your race, it's history and anything yes that you find important to mention firstly."


"It's history in the world of Kalidor to any length or depth that you find necessary."

Philosophy and Beliefs

"Over all and or for all the different subraces and cultures that come from it. For the most part only worry about your own subrace that you're making or the initial and or common belief between the peoples of your race."


"You can delete this section if you want too, but if you want to get very indepth into it you can even make your own language structure and dictionary if you found it necessary. But if you don't wish to go that far(as most of you won't) you can just delete this section or briefly explain it to whatever details you wish to creature."

Agriculture and Advancements

"This is the section for there production of foods and goods and always an technology they have created and or use."


"This is the overall mentality and behavior of the race and can also include there interests and teachings."

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