"As with all other places a short little description goes here."


"The history of the subrace including it's origins, when or if it seperated from the other subraces of a race and the things which came afterwards."

Philosophy and Beliefs

"This is where their religion or beliefs are written and can even hold links to other pages that are based around there beliefs, you can do as much or as little work as you want on this race and potentially other poeple will eventually add many things to it aswell."


"As with the races you may or may not want to do this section, even if you just have very little information about the language it can go here. You are also more then free to create the structure and dicitonary of the language if you see fit(though most of you will not want to) if you don't want to use this section just simply delete it."


"This may or may not apply to the subrace as with many subraces the rulership is dependant on the seperate cultures opposed to the overall subrace. However in some cases the subrace may be ran overall by one leader which you can add here.


" This is where you can put the main cultures nad even the smaller cultures within the subrace, all subraces eventually seperate in some form or another, some remaining loyal to the core kingdom while others create there own kingdoms and faiths and understandings. As for the creator of the cultures job you don't have to do many of these if any. However if you want to make a culture you only need to make one, but as for a subculture you can make as many as you want."

Famous People

"This is the section for short descriptions and or links to important people in your subrace, such as the founder(s) and scholars or warriors of noteable mention and or anyone else that you find worth mentioning.

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