Pages of Time

In the days of earth's youth Arius, The Great One, gave life to the dragons of old whom were led by Al'dran the immortal Dragon-King. Ancient Legends proclaim this dragon to hold the very livelihood of the World. If he were to die so to would the earth and all it's inhabitants. Alone the Dragons watched the earth for many millenniums until Arius gave life to another species known as the Anji'tae(Holy Ones) in the Ancient Gardens, Uzari Belghan.

For a time the earthly soil was free of war and disease, a time when the Anji'Tae cured the earth while gaining magical knowledge from the Dragon-Kindred. This was also a time that legends say Arius and his Holy Children walked amongst the Anji'tae before the darktimes.

However in latter years it was realized that the Anji'tae didn't believe in Gods at all instead they consider themselves as caretakers of particular elements. It was also later revealed that the Gods and Divine spirits of were actual Angels(All three breads). Arius was the Chief and Lord of all Angels of the HolySeed, He and his brethren and children were the Gods of ancient Elven Lore, along with many Demons. However these are not to be confused with the natural elements and their influence on the creation of Tera'Nor.

The Days of Ancient Chaos

Durings the Years of Harmony one particular Angel by the name of Balor envied the Dragons ultimate powers and abilities and sought them for himself. This desire soon began to twist and manipulate this young Angels mind until it became something unseen before.

In Anger he assaulted Al'dran nearly destroying him and later led a group of Angels far into the SouthLands. He waged countless wars against his peaceful brethren slaying a great number of them including Arius, otherwise known as Ithan. The Angels, now terrified, fled into the free western lands on the backs of their teachers and guides, The Dragons.

In time a new species came out of the peaceful Angels, who resemble the elves of the future more then their angelic kindred. They are known as Angel-Wings for their great white wings. Through centuries of hearing the rumors of the Dark Angels and the darkness brought on their brethren then fled into the sky towards the east in hopes of revenge against the terrible threats. They soon settled on the old contient and began the ancient Angel Wars.

Through time this desire of revenge sent most of these Angels into Darkness whom were soon manipulated and enslaved by the Immortal Balor and his Kindred. As centuries go on they are distorted and transformed into the Demon race.

This sparked the First Demon and Angel war spoke only briefly in legends and ancient scriptures. What is known for sure is the end of this war was a result of the Demon's being forced into the Underground. Which they soon discovered had Eight distinguishable "floors" or layers underneath.

These were shortly after known as the Eight Circles of the Hell(Underworld) in the ages of Elf and Men. Each Layer had a Demonlord to control and maintain the Armies of Darkness. The head and most demonic of all was Fe'Anzul, leader of the Eighth.

The Sage were nearly extinct during these wars, yet luckily a small number remained in the Hidden places of the East. The Anji'tae however remained in the westlands despite the current peace that the Birthland was currently in, for they knew Balor and his Dark-kin continued to walk the earth, waiting for their Days of Revenge.

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