Time Periods

As the first Ancient Ones, a subrace of the elven species, created the first recorded culture many more began to come after. Within the end of the 10,000th year since the first culture the true Golden Age Began. The world is populated by an endless amount of species and cultures, inhabit a soul and forge the history with us.

Age of the Gods

The Exact dates of these events are jumbled in riddles and unreadable scriptures from the ancient times. It was said the Uta, the first elven culture to exist was also the first culture to arise in all the world, aside from the little known Angel(Also known as Holy Ones) and Celles(Also known as the Darkness) Tribes. Tai Lonto was the found of the Uta(Translated as Ancient Ones) nation naming the first Kingdom as Untari, BirthLand.

They created many tools and soon created some of the biggest buildings the world has even seen, since the tales of the Holy Ones. After many Enlightened Ancient Ones traveled the world many other elven and different species learnt from them and began creating their own nations and kingdoms.

Soon the world was populated by multiple Kingdoms, Civilizations and Religions. The great gods of the faiths came into essence through the power of their worshippers will and soon waged war against each other. At the end of the 10th millennium many god's were destroyed or banished by other gods and the Age of Gods ended and the Golden Age begun..

Golden Age

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