Zephar 'Speaker of wisdom' the second eldest of the Untari founders. He was known for his great teaching and mastery of the mind, body and spirit. He taught the "Innerstrength" techinique used in all elven nations. He was consider the grand battlekeeper, very similar to the human "General" title. He lead many against the hordes of the Deugoth from the east. Often face to face with Cul'ban, his former student.

He had four children with his spouse, Zelinal, first came Epharin, "Angel Wings" in the age 3560 p.f.a, then came Zelana 'soft speaker' on the date 125 of the first age, she was followed by her Ozelen 'Grandshaman' in the year 287 and last came Ceana the wanderer of the south. her name translating too 'The Unknown One'.

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